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80 GHz Radar Used in Bypass Pipes

Nov 03 , 2023

A national chemical company, a leading manufacturer in the production of special chemicals, comes to us for a solution for a non contact level measurement for their large storage tanks and reactors.

The Security Bureau specifies that they must install two different level instruments with different measurement principles. The two instruments measure at the same time to effectively prevent errors. However, they face two challenges:

There are installation ports for large mixing motors, temperature and pressure instruments on the top of the tanks.

There is a large area of stirring fan blades in the tanks.

They had originally chosen a pressure level gauge, however, they required two types of instruments with different measurement principles at the same time to achieve accurate measurement and prevent errors.

After communicating with our technical staff, we recommend using a 80 GHz radar level transmitter installed on the bypass pipe added on the side of the reactor based on the liquid level equilibrium principle with connectors.

80 GHz Radar Used in Bypass Pipes

Advantages of 80 GHz Radar Type Level Transmitter

  • High medium temperature capable, up to 200℃
  • Receiving less impact by the temperature in the reactors
  • Not affected by the reserved opening
  • Quite easy to install
  • Beam angle of 3°
  • A bypass pipe with a minimum diameter of 8cm can be used for the range 10m
  • Complex working conditions capable
  • Including foam, vapor, steam, strong dust
  • Accuracy up to ±1mm
  • Meeting their high precision requirement
  • Compatible with other systems and instruments

80 GHz Radar Used in Bypass Pipes

80 GHz Radar Level Measurement Effect

After the installation and tests, the effect has been remarkable and has been deeply recognized by users. More radars have been installed on bypass pipes of storage tanks on site.

80 GHz Radar Used in Bypass Pipes

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