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Application of Wireless Pressure Gauge in Urban Gas Pipeline Network

Aug 07, 2023

As you may know that for safety needs, the flow of gas in the pipeline must have a certain pressure. Different pressure levels are suitable for different pipelines. As a long-distance pipeline in the city, the general pressure is relatively large, and the gas will be compressed after being pressurized. , the delivery volume is relatively large. In addition, the gas is transported over a long distance, and the pressure will be lost along the way. And generally, intermediate pressure is required for a long distance before supplying to the final users. During all the processes,remote pressure monitoring system is quite critical, which guarantees personal and property safety.

To complete the effective pressure monitoring of the gas pipelines, wireless pressure sensors are being used by more and more gas companies. Whether the gas pressure is stable or not will have a great impact on the user’s use. The pressure monitoring of the gas pipe network can ensure the user’s gas experience, and avoid the “”green and yellow”” flame caused by insufficient gas pressure, or it cannot be ignited normally, and the gas The leakage of the pipeline network will have a good monitoring and early warning effect, and it can also have a better scheduling effect on the use of gas in the entire gas supply area.

Holykell smart wireless pressure sensor used in gas system


Smart wireless pressure sensors ATEX are good choice for the pressure monitoring of the gas pipeline network. These wireless type pressure sensors with different ranges are used to ensure the high precision of pressure monitoring for each pressure section of the gas. It has explosion-proof certification. They support wireless data remote transmission, and abnormal triggering of pressure upper limit, pressure lower limit, and pressure fluctuations. Once the pressure exceeds the limit, the related staff will be notified by WeChat, SMS, phone… Besides, the ambient temperature, signal, and battery power are all monitored at the same time. Meanwhile, they have high-frequency data collection and storage function, and the data collected can be packed and uploaded to the cloud platform for gas pressure data analysis.

The high, medium and low pressure gas pipelines are for gas transmission to thousands of households, and are the lifeblood of the entire gas transmission system. Holykell intelligent wireless pressure sensor application will help.


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