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Hydraulic Pressure Monitoring System for Construction Equipment

Aug 07, 2023


A provider of IoT and telematics services from U.S contacted us seeking a reliable and stable pressure sensor. They were working on a project to implement a hydraulic pressure monitoring system for various construction vehicles.

Hydraulic systems in construction equipment are crucial for safety and efficiency. However, they often suffer from issues such as air cavitation, liquid hammer, power fluctuations, high pressure peaks, and significant vibration interference. Traditional pressure sensors may face challenges in these applications, leading to unstable measurements and susceptibility to vibration and impact interference.

Hydraulic Pressure Monitoring System for Construction Equipment

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Hydraulic Pressure Monitoring System for Construction Equipment


Advantages of Sputtered Thin Film Pressure Sensors

Compared to traditional pressure sensors, sputtered thin film sensors offer significant advantages in hydraulic monitoring systems.

Firstly, they utilize advanced sputtered thin film technology, resulting in higher repeatability and accuracy. They can stably measure pressure variations in hydraulic systems.

Hydraulic Pressure Monitoring System for Construction Equipment


Secondly, they exhibit high durability, withstanding stronger vibrations and impacts, while also demonstrating excellent corrosion resistance. Sputtered thin film sensors are manufactured with elastic mediums and coatings, eliminating leakage issues associated with traditional sensors using silicone oil mediums.

Thirdly, sputtered thin film sensors employ semiconductor fabrication and laser technology, enabling them to adapt to a wider temperature range and exhibit low drift, ensuring reliability and stability in hydraulic monitoring systems.

Hydraulic Pressure Monitoring System for Construction Equipment


Measurement Results

After adopting sputtered thin film pressure sensors, the customer witnessed significant improvements in their construction equipment hydraulic monitoring system. The high accuracy and stability of the sensors ensured reliable real-time measurement data, allowing operators to quickly assess the status of the hydraulic system. This enhanced the safety and reliability of the construction equipment, reducing the risk of failures and maintenance costs.

Why Holykell?

Holykell possesses considerable expertise in sputtered thin film sensor products. Founded in 2001, we are a leading manufacturer in China’s industrial measurement instrument industry. We prioritize research and development, continually enhancing product performance and quality. Our products are exported across 175 countries and serve over 30,000 customers globally. Additionally, our team consists of experienced engineers who provide customized solutions and technical support to our clients.


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