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How to select fuel tank level sensor for measurements?

Aug 07, 2023

Selecting the HIGH Quality fuel tank level sensor is not as hard as you think. As you all know, there are plenty of tank level sensors on the market, but it is impossible to judge their quality or use. Because each type of oil tank level sensor has its own unique advantages, they can not only measure the oil level of the tank, but also can be compatible with measuring water and other conditions.

Generally, using ultrasonic fuel level sensor is the best choice to measure the oil level.

A large number of facts have proved that ultrasonic fuel level transmitter has good explosion-proof, so it is widely used in the measurement of inflammable and explosive medium. As a non-contact measurement, it can complete the measurement without contact medium and read directly on the display, thus greatly improving the safety of oil level measurement.

Although ultrasonic fuel level transmitters have obvious advantages, their high price does not make them widely available in the market. Therefore, pressure level transmitters with low cost, long service life and high accuracy are also suitable for measuring fuel level.

The HPT604 submersible fuel pressure level transmitter(RS485 output) is not only used to measure the level of various fuels,it also used to measure oil level pressure. Based on the “submersible” design, its measurement accuracy is up to 0.15%FS. Moreover, in order to adapt to various working conditions and any measurement of fuel level, the sensor has a guide hole and a filter screen, which can filter most of the impurities and thus improve the accuracy. It comes with a PTFE cable that is resistant to any corrosive environment, providing a long sensor life.

From the above demonstration and analysis, we need to choose the right fuel level transmitter according to the measured medium and working condition.


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