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Piezoresistive Silicon Level Probe Used for Truck Tank Level Measurement

Aug 07, 2023

Most users use a piezoresistive silicon level probe to measure truck tank level. However, a small number of users believe that piezoresistance silicon pressure sensors are the main measuring instruments in the modern industry. In my opinion, both are based on piezoresistive effects and sensors made of monocrystalline silicon. The key is the conversion between different physical quantities. More importantly, the piezoresistive silicon level probe is designed to measure the fuel tank of truck.

The essence of piezoresistive silicon level probes is the piezoresistive silicon level sensor. Due to development needs of the industrial measurement and food industry, it is designed to look like a probe for accurate measurement in a variety of industries. Second, we have a rigorous definition of piezoresistive silicon probes. Piezoresistance silicon liquid level probes refer to sensors made using the piezoresistive effect of single crystal silicon materials and integrated circuit technology. After the single crystal silicon material is subjected to the force, the resistivity changes, and the electrical signal output proportional to the force change can be obtained by the measuring circuit. In short, it is the measurement and control of the pressure or pressure difference into a liquid level.

In summary, it is precisely because of the development of the piezoresistive silicon level probe that the measurement efficiency and accuracy of the fuel tank liquid level have been further improved.


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