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How Differential Pressure Transmitters Used for Industrial Oxygen Tank Monitoring

February 14, 2022

Oxygen is a common gas in industrial production widely used in welding and other processes, and most manufacturers would choose differential pressure transmitters to better monitor its manufacture and storage processes.

Differential pressure transmitters are an important tool to successfully produce this flammable and explosive dangerous gas oxygen since the pressure level is a key point during the preparation process. Th pressure monitoring device can keep obtaining pressure data in time and control the oxygen production pressure within the normal range. In addition, its transportation and storage should be kept monitoring too since explosion accidents may occur due to friction, compression, shock during the oxygen transportation. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety during preparation, transportation and storage, it is necessary to monitor the pressure value in the tank in real time.

Differential pressure sensor for industrial oxygen tank monitoring

The differential pressure transmitters used for oxygen tank monitoring usually are filled with inert oil and generally fluorocarbon oil is used and is cleaned by special processes. Holykell DP transmitters adopt high-stable core and undergo strict testing processes to enable high accuracy and high stability. And they strictly meet the high requirements of oxygen measurement.