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How We Benefit from Ultrasonic Level Sensor for Water Management

Aug 07, 2023

When drought occurs due to high temperature and lack of rainfall, we notice the importance of water resource management. It is closely related to our lives. Water management, such as water supply, drainage, and water treatment are key parts of urban infrastructure and environmental construction.

The automatic measurement and control system plays an important role in protecting the environment to ensure the quality of water resources and prevent the leakage of water resources. And water management instruments should be qualified enough to ensure that they work properly. In pumping stations, reservoirs, weirs and flumes, the most important level measuring instrument is ultrasonic level gauge.

Ultrasonic level gauge is a relatively common instrument for measuring liquid such as water. It is dominant over radar level gauges in terms of price, and can also be used in more complex working environments, such as steam, mist, foam, floating and dust(with additional measures taken), which might challenge other types of level sensors.

ultraosonic level sensor


Moreover, users do not need to consider the dielectric constant of the medium when using ultrasonic liquid level sensors, which is why though radar level gauges have many advantages but ultrasonic level gauges are still widely used. And ultrasonic level sensor adopts a non-contact measurement mode, without contact with liquids, so there is no cleaning difficulty and maintenance concern, it can be very practical. Besides, its accuracy is high and the stability is good though used outdoors, it can accurately and stably provides the level data so we can know the water level and make decision for water management.

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