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GRPS Water level sensor used for wireless monitoring system

Aug 07, 2023

Due to the convenience of wireless monitoring, most people rely on GPRS water level sensors to remotely monitor the level of industrial tanks. Up to now, the wireless sensor has been fully integrated with the Internet to obtain the data of liquid level through the cloud server terminal. Once the liquid level reaches the maximum height, it will timely remind the user through the PC or mobile terminal.

As far as I know, GPRS water level sensor is a new pressure level sensor for industrial measurement, it can not only remotely monitor the liquid level data of the medium, but also monitor the change of pressure. With this unique advantage, other types of sensors are incomparable. On the one hand, in order to adapt to the development of mobile signals, GPRS water level sensor of the GPRS signal is to support 2G,3G and 4G networks, of course, we are developing 5G network chips, so as to further enhance the value of sensors. On the other hand, taking full account of the harsh environment of outdoor measurement, it is equipped with a 3.6-volt battery power supply. Based on the optimized design of ultra-low power consumption, the sensor can run continuously for more than 3 years without replacing the battery.

The above analysis shows that GPRS water level sensor is a real Internet of things sensor, and as a product of the Internet of things sensor era, it has advantages and disadvantages, but I believe it is still the best solution for wireless monitoring system.


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