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How to Choose the Right Turbine Flow Meters

Aug 07, 2023

How we choose a turbine flow meter that is suitable for our specific application? Following comes our suggestion.

1. Choose according to the measurement purpose This includes selection of instantaneous or cumulative flow, flow display unit, measurement accuracy, repeatability, linearity, flow rate, medium temperature, temperature and pressure compensation, output signal characteristics and response time and so on. For different measured objects, we have different measurement purposes, thus instrument performance is more focused on.

2. Medium performance requirements Sometimes chemical corrosion, fouling, and the chemical nature of the fluid are decisive factors in the selection of turbine flow meters. Certain fluids can cause corrosion of parts in contact with the instrument, fouling of surfaces or formation of crystals on metal surfaces and electrolytic chemical reactions.

3. Requirements for medium composition The flow measurement of multi-phase, multi-component media is different from that of single-phase change media. Generally turbine flow meters measure single-phase and clean media.

4. Compression system requirements and other parameters To get the fluid density under working conditions, we need know the compression value of the measured gas. Density of fluids with fixed composition is calculated from pressure, temperature and compressibility; variable composition fluids operating near (or in) the supercritical region should consider online density measurements.

5. Measurement accuracy requirements It is necessary to clarify the overall measurement accuracy requirements, and whether it is used at a certain flow rate, or whether there are significant changes due to temperature and pressure changes in the measurement range.


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