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Hydrostatic Level Pressure Transducer In Water Pump Station

Aug 07, 2023
Hydrostatic pressure level transducer is usually used to measure the static pressure level of water pump station. Because it is the working principle of pressure sensor and using piezoresistive type sensors as sensor, water level in the container or tank pressure changes, by the change of pressure sensor is converted into electric signal, through the detection circuit for signal processing, to monitor the pressure of water level (level) or liquid level data.
The advantage of using hydrostatic pressure level transducer to measure the water level of pumping station is that it adopts the fully sealed 316L SS stainless steel and steel cage design. So it can measure not only the level of running water, but also the level of sewage or waste water. In addition, the sensor diaphragm can be effectively protected from physical damage and turbulence due to its open double flange structure. To make it capable of measuring in any environment, the designers reinforced the sensor cables, which can withstand up to 200 pounds of tension. What’s more, due to the use of 316L SS fully sealed stainless steel structure, it is not only effectively used in the water treatment industry, it can also be compatible with corrosive medium level and pressure measurement.
It has been proved that hydrostatic pressure level transducer can not only be used in water pump station, but also be widely used in corrosive environment and food sanitation industry.

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