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Submersible Level Transmitters at Dam in Indonesia

Aug 07, 2023

Can submersible water level transmitters be used in dams for continuous water level motoring with alarm functions? The answer to this is an absolute YES. See how our Indonesia customer deals with this.

The submersible level sensors are installed to detect the water level changes. As there are a few months of rain seasons in the dams of Indonesia, the continuous detection of water level is vital to the people living around. The customer utilizes the submersible type water level sensors with wireless modules, display meters and controllers to form an automatic monitoring and control system. When the water level is below or above the preset values, alarms can be issued immediately to remind the staff. Therefore, no frequent on-site inspection by the staff is required any more. Besides, the customer now can monitor the real-time water level online through computers and mobile phones.

Submersible water level sensor used in dams for water level monitoring

The submersible level sensor price is within his budget range and both in the short and long run, the system makes quite satisfactory economic sense since labor costs are cut and the monitoring efficiency is improved a lot.

Several devices are included in the system but the submersible pressure sensor application is simple. Just place the probe into the water and try to make it close to the bottom of the dam. We can choose to hang it on a bracket, or insert the probe into a metal tube, or bind it on a PVC tube. Connect it to the other meters according to the instruction. Then the automatic detection and control system will work for you.


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