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Marine Approved Liquid Level Sensor for Seawater Level Measurement

December 30, 2019

Normally, we will choose a marine approved liquid level sensor to measure the change in seawater level. In addition, in order to ensure long-term immersion in seawater for measurement, we will choose it to measure the depth or change of sea level.

It is well known that seawater is highly corrosive. In order to achieve long-term immersion in corrosive media for measurement, the marine approved liquid level sensor housing must have a high degree of corrosion protection and moisture resistance of the chip. Then, some users told me that I usually use a float level gauge or an ultrasonic level gauge to complete corrosive level measurement. However, the above-mentioned liquid level transducer is not designed for seawater level detection, and it cannot be permanently immersed in seawater in the product industry and materials. The marine approved liquid level sensor was developed specifically for seawater measurement. The sensor housing is made of all-titanium alloy to ensure no rust and corrosion during long-term use. In order to cope with various marine accidents, it uses a ceramic capacitor core to ensure stable operation of the sensor for a long time. Secondly, in order to enhance the corrosion resistance, its cable material is made of PTFE, which can be exposed to corrosive environment for a long time, so as to obtain accurate measurement results.

The above facts show that the marine approved liquid level sensor is the only measuring instrument that meets the seawater level measurement.