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Water level data logger used for fresh water monitoring

Aug 07, 2023

There are many ways to monitor the fresh water level, but I think the water level data logger is the best way to monitor the fresh water level. From my point of view, because the location of monitoring fresh water is in the outdoor harsh environment, the sensor shell must be made of titanium alloy to ensure the stability of the sensor. However, the stability of the product only represents the high quality quality control, does not represent the specific measurement results. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the importance of water level recorder from different angles.

With the decrease of fresh water resources, the importance of monitoring fresh water by water level data logger is self-evident. In addition, according to the international water resources association, due to global warming, sea level is rising year by year, the population is also increasing, the earth’s fresh water resources are also decreasing, it is estimated that in 100 years, humans may have to use seawater distillation method to obtain fresh water. It also means that freshwater monitoring requires new methods, new types of sensors to monitor it, and there is no way to predict outdoor measurements, with severe thunderstorms affecting the stability of the sensors. Therefore, the freshwater level monitoring needs to measure the water, liquid level and temperature, at the same time, 3.6 volts of lithium battery power is also very important. Due to its associative monitoring mechanism, it was recorded more than 5,000 times.

From different angles, it can be concluded that the water level data logger can not only monitor the fresh water, but also satisfy the monitoring of any water quality.


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