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Method for Calibrating the Float Water Level Transmitter

Aug 07, 2023

As a standard level instrument, the float water level transmitter requires periodic calibration to confirm the accuracy and linearity of the float level sensor. The float level transmitter in the field operation is also calibrated after the fault is repaired to meet the requirements of the site. Although the purpose of the two calibrations is different, the actual use tends to focus on the latter.

According to the measurement principle of the float water level transmitter, the float level meter measures the liquid level of the liquid according to the magnitude of the torque. Therefore, the calibration of the float level measurement should be based on the set torque to perform zero point and full scale calibration. This calibration method is called hanging weight calibration. Like the calibration process of the target flow meter, the float water level sensor also needs to pass the standard weight to simulate the force of the float, and adjust the zero and fullness of the float level transducer separately. The weight calibration method has high calibration accuracy and good linearity, and can be adjusted within the full range. It is mainly used for periodic calibration of the performance test of the float level transmitter itself. In addition, the internal float water level measurement has its own calibration tube without calibration. Also use this method.

The water calibration method is a general calibration method for the outer float water level transmitter, which is simulated by using the clean tap water that is the most readily available in life as the liquid to be tested. This calibration method can be quickly adjusted in the field without disassembling the level sensor. It is widely used in the field external float level measurement setting calibration, fault repair calibration and zero point full degree calibration. To calibrate the float level timer with water, first modify the parameters of the variable sensor, change the density value of the measured liquid to the density of water, and then obtain a new measurement range. Note that this measurement range cannot exceed the maximum tolerance of the transmitter.




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