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Prospect Analysis of IoT Industrial Measurement Instrument

Aug 07, 2023

With the increasing demand for IoT industrial measurement instrument, most users have different views on its future development. In my opinion, the integration of industrial measuring instruments and Internet of things technology can promote the development of industrial measurement of Internet of things. In the eyes of some users, Internet of things technology is a “means” rather than an end. In the future measurement, attention should be paid to unmanned and unmanned measurement, which is the inevitable trend of industrial measurement development.

From the perspective of prospect analysis of iot industrial measurement instrument, industrial sensors and the Internet of things are inseparable. Now days, the industrial Internet of things is widely understood as the automation of industrial environment using sensor networks and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. Factory automation, building automation, smart grid and public transportation are all important applications of industrial Internet of things measurement. Technicians and maintainers will increasingly use powerful tablets to collect and process information from sensors integrated in industrial machinery in the future.

On the one hand: IoT industrial measuring sensors are used for environmental monitoring. The monitoring scope of industrial environment has been involved in all aspects of the ecological environment. It not only includes daily environmental monitoring, such as air, water, electromagnetic radiation and radioactive monitoring, but also has special needs for regional environmental monitoring, such as desert, mountain and radioactive source monitoring. These environments require high flexibility, reliability and safety of sensor products. On the other hand: smart grid and industrial measurement of Internet of things merge with each other. Smart grid has become one of the important applications of Internet of things technology and an inevitable trend of grid development. Smart grid ensures the safety, reliability and economy of power supply through the application of advanced sensing and measurement technology, communication technology, advanced control method and decision support system technology.

No matter how the prospect of IoT industrial measurement instrument develops, Internet of things technology and IoT industrial measurement instrument will be further improved.


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