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Wireless Networking for Rainwater Harvesting System

Aug 07, 2023

Rainwater harvesting refers to rainwater collecting and storing for later use, and it makes sense nowadays especially in drought-prone areas. As we may know the climate change is worse and worse, and water resources become scarcer, rainwater collecting is becoming vital for conserving water and reducing the impact of drought. To overcome the problem, we must place more focus on it.

Challenges of Rainwater Harvesting System Despite the benefits of rainwater harvesting, we face challenges. Including that some rainwater harvesting systems are expensive to construct and maintain. It is hard to real-time monitor the water level, especially in remote areas. In some areas, manual inspection and detection often exist.

For this, Holykell presents monitoring solution for rainwater harvesting system. Generally, the rainwater can be collected from the rooftops of buildings and stored in tanks, or from the surface of the ground and stored in ponds or containers. Then if you have a water tank ready or a pond to monitor, a good addition is a wireless water level sensor that will help you to detect how much water is inside your tank at any time in a remote manner. You do not have to stay on the site, just stay in your office or home. This is particularly useful for a large tank or pond or for a number of tanks or reservoirs in remote areas.

wireless water monitoring solution


High resolution 3.14″” full LCD screen

NB-IoT/GPRS/3G/4G/LoRa/LoRaWAN supported

Remote monitoring via computers or mobile phones available

High performance, long range wireless connectivity

Gateway supported Custom alerts and alarms for full visibility of your system status

Name your tanks and pumps for ease of identification

Low power consumption with up to 6 years of battery life

Automatic wireless pump control with additional valves and tools

Durable case and cable materials for long-term use

Explosion-proof certificate approved

IP68 rated water level sensor

Active repeaters can be used to further increase range

Easy to use and install with videos and technical engineer’s instruction

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