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Stainless Steel Capacitance Level Sensor for Fuel Level Measurement

Aug 07, 2023

Using stainless steel capacitance level sensor to measure fuel level is the most effective method in the industrial measurement. This is due to the rapid industrial development and large-scale measurement needs of the current situation. In addition, due to the changes of industrial market, the measurement of different media needs to be carried out timely, so a multi-functional HPT621 intelligent stainless steel capacitance liquid level sensor is in line with the current industrial measurement needs and market needs.

The working principle of stainless steel capacitance level sensor is to change the nature and content of the capacitance and the measured medium by the capacitor composed of the sensor, vessel wall and dielectric material, so that the capacitance changes, and then the relevant capacitance value can be obtained.In short, it measures the level of liquid by measuring capacitance changes. In addition, it USES high purity 316L SS stainless steel material, no matter measuring water, oil and height measuring corrosive liquid will not affect the stability and high precision level of the measurement. Secondly, built in linear and temperature compensation function, no fear of any measurement environment. Moreover, it adopts the military industry core with high precision, which is easy to install and debug, even if it is a new user, it can be easily used and skillfully operated.
The advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel capacitance level sensor exist side by side, in the actual measurement according to the actual measurement needs to choose their own liquid level sensor to improve the work efficiency.

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