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Tank Level Sensor for AdBlue Solution

Aug 07, 2023

A client from U.S.A. sent us an inquiry about recommending a tank level sensor for their liquid level measurement in tanks, AdBlue solution. He needs two different versions of measuring range, 2.0 and 3.0 meter H2O, and requires the output of 2-wire 4-20mA and 24V DC  power supply. The cable length is about 50 meters long.

We have different types of tank level sensors according to the application. Considering the budget problem, finally they choose a submersible level sensor HPT604. This is a hydrostatic level sensor that can be immersed in the measured medium and provides continuous level measurement. Thanks to its high-stable core used and unique sealing and potting processes, its accuracy reaches up to 0.10%, and that’s why it can keep working fine in the medium for over 10 years according to our past data.

Tank level sensor for Adblue solution

Regarding the other requirements of this tank level sensors, the power supply, and output, we provide different options. The cable length can be custom and the measuring range is up to 500m. Thanks to its excellent performance, this sensor always ranks the top of our sales list for level measurement.


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