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How to Maintain Anti-corrosive Submersible Level Gauges

Aug 07, 2023

Anti-corrosive submersible level gauges are quite common in process controls. They feature high accuracy and cost-effective sense. While to maintain the stable and precise measurement, routine maintenance is critical.

anti-corrosive submersible level gauge

Maintenance Notices of Anti-corrosive Submersible Level Gauges

1. Clean the anti-corrosive submersible level gauges once a month.

2. When cleaning, first open its filter cap, and then remove the particles or objects.

3. When cleaning the pressure-guiding hole of the gauge, use trichloroethylene or alcohol to inject the pressure-guiding hole to the half of its height and soak it for about 5 minutes, then shake it slightly and repeat it several times until it is cleaned. Do not use any utensils to clean the pressure-guiding holes, so as not to damage the pressure-sensitive diaphragm of the sensitive core.

4. When cleaning the pressure interface and pressure hole of the sensor, do not use a brush or a metal tool so as to avoid damage to the sensitive core and pressure interface threads.

5. After cleaning, install the cap and note as the installation depth will change to a certain extent, it is necessary to recalibrate and correct the detection value of the secondary instrument to ensure the correctness of the sampling data.


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