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The Measuring Type of Sewage Water Level Sensor

Aug 07, 2023

We are well aware of the role of the sewage water level sensor. But there nobody can completely tell the measurement type, measurement medium and specific application range of the sewage level sensor. In fact, the level measurement in sewage treatment plants, sewage tanks and sewage pumps is usually done by the level sensor of sewage, not by the non-contact sensor as you call it.

Most people here have a special trust in the sewage water level sensor. This feeling comes from their own years of experience and absolute trust in the product’s technology. It is well known that we cannot predict the components of sewage in familiar or unfamiliar measuring environments, and whether it’s journals will clog the sensors, leading to a small number of people choosing ultrasonic or radar level sensors. However, they ignored the design principle of the submersible sewage level sensor. The original factory came with a detachable protective cap with 20 suction holes, which was designed to filter impurities and ensure the accuracy of measurement.

By analyzing the design purpose of the sewage water level sensor, we can see that the submersible sewage level sensor is the best choice for our measurement of sewage.



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