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Deep Well Water Level Monitoring Solution

July 07, 2022

Groundwater is the main source of water for people's production and living. With the development of the mining industry, the rising demand for groundwater survey and exploitation, and the strengthening of the protection awareness of natural resources and ecological environment, more efficient and accurate deep well water level monitoring has become a key concern of the industry.

borehole level sensors for deep wells

Holykell submersible liquid level sensors dedicated for deep wells can monitor the liquid level of water wells up to 500 meters. With IP68 rated and the high-strength air-guiding cable, the sensors can be used for a long time in harsh environments, and realize continuous data collection, alarm and transmission of boreholes, pools, tanks, dams..., especially underground wells.

No.1--HPT607 Deep Well Liquid Level Sensor It features 500m range|0.25%F.S accuracy|Premium 316L anti-corrosion & anti-rust housing|Seal protection.

No. 2--HPT607-E Economical Deep Well Liquid Level Sensor It features Ø16mm|300m range|high-quality 316L anti-corrosion & anti-rust housing| cost-effective|unique filter design

No.3--HPT604 Universal Liquid Level Sensor It features 500m range|0.25%F.S accuracy|Multiple signals|sealed welding process|anti-surge and anti-lightning

No.4--HLM steel ruler level gauge It features 500m range|Quick on and off|Visible panel & buzzer prompt|Portable design|Battery powered for filed projects

Choose the most suitable sensor for the deep well water level monitoring. Or you can contact our sales or visit our website for more details.


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