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Sludge Blanket Detector for Water Level Monitoring

October 29, 2020

A sludge blanket detector was recommended to Angela who works for Water Resource Protection Dept. by Mablevi Jackson, a local sensor agent, after he got her inquiry on what device can be used for her project.

Sludge Blanket Detector for Water Level Monitoring

Actually sludge blanket detector is a kind of submersible level sensor which perfectly suits Angela's application since she usually uses it in wetland, sewage, rivers and lakes. Its special design and structure makes it even able to work in slurry or sludge, which might challenge some ordinary water level sensors as clogging is always the first concern. And it can also prevent grass, impurities or sediment from ingress, which might affect the accuracy.


                                                                         sludge blanket detectors are used for water level monitoring


Actually different sensors work well for different cases and sludge blanket detectors are widely used for measurement and motoring of city water, drainage, sewage and etc.