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Which Product Suitable for Open Channel Flow Monitoring

November 12, 2021

A customer selects a vortex flow meter directly for his open channel flow monitoring before consulting our engineers. After knowing his specific application and requirements, we recommend our dedicated flow meters for open channel for him.

For open channel flow monitoring, we have two different solutions available. No. One is using ultrasonic flow meter UFL9000L. It adopts a non-contact measuring mode and the accuracy up to 0.25%, measuring range 0.1l/s~99999.99m/h. It outputs level, accumulated and instantaneous flow at the same time.

The other solution is our radar flow meter that adopts new radar technology. It is also a non-contact measurement and calculates flow based on built-in software model and algorithms and outputs data such as water level, velocity, instantaneous and cumulative flow at the same time. Accuracy is ±0.01m/s, measuring range up to 70m or more.

Holykell open channel flow monitoring solutions

Both open channel flow monitoring provides accurate measurement results and easy installation. Considering the budget of the project, our customer chooses the ultrasonic flow meter and it has been working fine on the site.


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