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HRF600 24GHz Radar Flow Meter With Large Range

Radar flow meter with 24GHz is designed based on the measurement principle of frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW). It can not only be used in a range of 40 meters, but also can measure speed and distance. Equipped with automatic recognition of water flow direction and built-in vertical angle correction function, it can be used for water level, velocity or flow measurement of other types of water treatment such as rivers, reservoir gates or sewers.

Application :

● River water level monitoring

● Reservoir flood control system

● Ecological discharge flow

● Monitoring of flow rate of agricultural water channels

● Sewage discharge control

0124GHz frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW), and output measurement data of flow velocity, water level, and flow rate at the same time.
02Non-contact measurement and IP68 waterproof (lightning protection design), not affected by bad weather and virus factors.
03With Bluetooth parameter adjustment function, it supports mobile phone APP to wirelessly configure and maintain the device on-site.
04Optional RTU function to support remote upgrade and remote maintenance of equipment.

Radar flowmeters

Technical Data




HRF-600(Stanard version)

HRF-600-R(RTU version): Support parameter adjustment by bluetooth; wireless configuration and maintenance by mobile phone; equipment remote upgrade

Velocity Measurement System 

Measuring Principle

Planar microstrip array antenna  CW+FMCW

Operating Mode 

Manual, automatic, telemetry

Applicable environment

24-hour, rainy days

Operating temperature


Operating Voltage


Working current

For 12VDC input, operating mode: <150mA

Standby mode: <1mA

Ambient temperature output

Temperature resolution 0.1℃;

temperature measurement accuracy ±1℃

IP Rating


Radar Wave Velocity Meter

Radar power


Radar frequency


Max measuring range


Velocity range


Velocity measurement accuracy


Antenna angle


Measuring direction

Automatic recognition of water flow direction, built-in vertical angle correction

Radar Water Level Sensor

Radar power


Radar frequency

80Ghz(7-40m) 60GHZ (under 7m)

Measuring range  

40 meters

Measurement accuracy


Antenna angle


Data transmission system

Data transmission

RS485 (default), RS232 (reserved), 4~20mA, 433MHz (optional), 4G (optional), NB-IoT (optional)

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