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HPT604-BL Submersible Diesel/Gasoline Level Transmitter

This submersible level sensor adopts SUS304 stainless steel housing and a filter cap(two kinds of filter caps optional), and can be put in water/oil/fuel/chemical tanks or reservoir directly for liquid level measurement. It features high corrosion-resistant and can be used in explosive environment. 

Application :

●Water tank level measurement and control

●Fuel tank level measurement(diesel, gasoline, kerosene...)



●Pumping stations

01Hydrostatic sensor for measuring level of small diesel tank
02High accuracy up to 0.25%F.S
03Adopting diffusion silicon sensor
04High quality PUR/FEP cable with strong water and fuel resistance
05Digital circuit board of lightning and surge protection for use in harsh environment

Technical Data

Pressure Range

0-0.1Bar…..2 bar / 0-1m…20m fuel level Optional

80m max for SDI-12 signal


Better than ±0.25%F.S @25 degree C

Long Stability

≤ ±0.1% of span/year

Working Temp.

-30-80℃(non-corrosive medium)




Medium compatible

Compatible with 304 Stainless Steel

Output signal

4-20mA,1-5V; 0-5V,0-10 V,Dual 4-20mA,SDI-12,RS485 Modbus...

Power Supply


Electronic connection

Fixed cable and water proof IP68

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