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Features of HOLYKELL I2C Pressure Sensors

Aug 11 , 2023

When we say I2C pressure sensor, it refers to press sensor that supports I2C signal output. The I2C bus is a simple, serial 8-bit oriented computer bus for efficient I2C (Inter-IC) control.

Our I2C pressure sensors are calibrated and compensated with a wide working temperature range of -30℃~85℃. A very low power supply of 3.0 to 5V is used.

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Features of I2C Pressure Sensors

Digital I2C outputs supported

Customized pressure ranges and additional modifications available on request

RoHS and CE compliant

High long term stability

High accuracy 0.5%F.S.

Pressure sensor variants for gage/absolute/sealed gauge/negative pressure

At present most sensor applications use analog output signals, but the convenience of digital output I2C pressure sensors has been recognized by more and more designers.

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