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Features of Holykell Pressure Sensor with Display

Aug 11 , 2023

HOLYKELL pressure sensors with display unit offers an economical solution for precise on-site pressure measurement and display in many different applications. Offering an accuracy of up to 0.1%, this universal pressure transducer is capable of measuring gauge/absolute/negative pressure up to 15000 psi (1050bar)

This pressure sensor with display are common in applications where on site pressure reading is preferred. The 4-1/2 bits LED or LCD display provides clear and high definition reading experience. Long stability is 0.1%F.S per year. Additional features include EMI/RFI protection and surge & lightning protection, which make them survive in extreme conditions.

Features of Holykell Pressure Sensor with Display

Most of our customers would like using this pressure sensor with display in the process control, biomedical, energy plant, water treatment petroleum and chemical industry, metallury, hydrology and so on. And various pressure connections and matching accessories are supported to optimize the specific applications.

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