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How Customers Evaluate Holykell Absolute Pressure Transducer

Aug 11 , 2023

Recently we received emails from our American customer on the product feedback. As a project manager and an engineer, he purchased 2 different famous brands of pressure transducers 2 months ago, one is from Holykell, and applied on the site. After using and testing, he told us that:

“We have been testing the absolute pressure transducer that we purchased from you and it really seems to be so robust and stable as it ‘s specification. At this time we would like to have an offer from you for the following options (if you have the possibility to supply on this format).We will choose between 0,25% or 0,1% depending of cost..”

How Customers Evaluate Holykell Absolute Pressure Transducer

Holykell develops, manufactures and sells absolute pressure transducers for over 20 years. During these years, we have been improving and upgrading our products from its accuracy, stability, sealing and other aspects based on our experience, technology and customers’ feedback. And we can say that our product quality is superior among similar products.

Besides we also provide customization serve and accessories to better meet our customers’ demands, as this engineer asked that he would like also us to supply all the absolute pressure transducers with KF fittings and clamps, also including the additional/fitting for thread. We will help solve it.

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