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How to Measure Water level in Reservoir in Apartment Building by WSN Network

Dec 22 , 2023


A professional software development company specialising in cloud services from Italy reached us for a device to monitor water level in reservoir in apartment building. They consult us with the necessary hardware.

I. The Challenge:

1.1 Legacy Monitoring Systems: Their residential complex, comprising multiple apartment buildings, had been relying on traditional water level monitoring systems. However, these systems posed challenges such as delayed reporting, occasional inaccuracies, and the need for manual checks, which proved inefficient for a property of our scale.

II. The Solution:

2.1 Introducing Wireless Sensor Networks: In their quest for a more effective solution, we recommend our lora sensors. These devices feature an explosion-proof meter with a big LCD local display, a built-in wireless module, and a water probe which make them promise real-time data transmission, high precision, and remote monitoring capabilities.

2.2 Seamless Integration: The installation of the sensors was a breeze, seamlessly integrating with our existing infrastructure. The LoRa connectivity ensured that the sensors could be monitored remotely anytime and anywhere, offering convenience and efficiency. It also supports 3g/4G/GPRS network data transmission, making them suitable for global use. Besides, its configuration software supports encryption, and is compatible with MQTT, TCP/IP, Modbus, and UDP protocols.

III. Implementation and Results:

3.1 Swift Deployment: The deployment of the iot and wireless sensor networks was carried out with minimal disruption. Our residents experienced no inconvenience, and the sensors were operational within 1 day.

3.2 Real-Time Insights: The impact was immediate. Real-time of the reservoir’s water levels allows them to make informed decisions promptly. Lower or upper water level limit can be notified promptly.

3.3 Proactive Maintenance: The precision of the sensors and sensor network enabled them to identify potential issues before they escalated. This proactive approach to maintenance resulted in cost savings and ensured uninterrupted water supply to our residents.

IV. Benefits:

4.1 Cost-Efficiency and Sustainability: The efficiency of the 4G wireless level sensors translated into cost savings. Reduced manual inspections meant lower operational expenses, contributing to our sustainability initiatives. Analysis shows that in the first year, our sensors can help save 22% of cost, in the second year, they can save 97%.

4.2 Resident Satisfaction: Our residents benefited from the seamless integration of this technology. The reliability of our water supply increased, leading to higher resident satisfaction and a positive community impact.

V. Conclusion:

After installing four wireless level sensors H2603 and testing for a few days, the measured effect is well recognized. This adoption has transformed the water management practices.

Why Holykell?

Holykell possesses considerable expertise in measurement products. Founded in 2001, we are a leading manufacturer in China. We prioritize research and development, continually enhancing product performance and quality. Our products have been exported across 175 countries & areas and serve over 30,000 customers globally. Additionally, we have our own R&D center to support customization service.

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1.Do you support customization? Can I add my own logo?

Sure. Holykell offers customization service and support adding customer’s Logo on it. Besides this, we also support customizing measuring range, accuracy, cable materials, different types, and so on.

2.What is the MOQ for this product?

The MOQ of this wireless level senor is only 1.

3.What liquids does this work with?

Water, wastewater, fuels, oils, chemicals and almost all the other liquids.

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