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Sewage level measurement at water pumping station

Aug 07, 2023

The measurement of sewage level in water pumping station is a big trouble. Over the years, sensor manufacturers have been designing new measurement methods and new types of sensors. But they do not fundamentally solve this problem, so that for many years, many sewage discharge are not up to the standard, causing a variety of environmental pollution, affecting the ecological balance.

Measuring sewage level is not only determines its height, but also sends signals to the control system so that workers can keep track of changes in sewage volume. In addition, by controlling the starting valve, we can transfer various kinds of sewage or waste water to the sewage treatment plant, but this requires several sewage pumps to carry sewage from a long distance to ensure that the sewage does not cause environmental pollution. In the process of transportation, we must ensure that the liquid level in the pump is not too low, once the air enters the pump, it will reduce the service life of the pump.

Sewage level measurement is not as hard as you think. Here is a sewage level measurement of the best solution for your reference, hope to help you solve the problem at present.

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