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How to Solve Failures of Differential Pressure Transmitter

Aug 11 , 2023

Some failures might occurs during measurement by differential pressure transmitters. The timely determination, analysis and processing are vital to the production. Based on the experience in daily maintenance, we have summarized some judgment analysis methods and procedures.

1. Investigation method: check and confirm if the differential pressure transmitters encountered sparking, smoke, odor, power supply change, lightning strike, humidity, misoperation, and wrong maintenance before the failure occurs.

2. Direct observation method: Observe the external damage of the circuit, the leakage of the pressure guiding tube, the overheating of the circuit, the status of the power supply switch, etc.

3. Detection method: Failures can be detected via short circuit detection, open circuit detection,subsection detection and signal detection., etc.

When conducting the troubleshooting for the differential pressure transmitters, professional maintenance staff are recommended and conduct the process only when the safety is guaranteed.

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