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SDI Pressure Sensors Used in Industries

Aug 11 , 2023

SDI pressure sensor is getting more popularity in recent years especially in water resource research and management, industry, government, agriculture and etc.

What is SDI Pressure Sensor

Actually SDI pressure sensor refers to pressure sensor using SDI-12 standards for serial data interface at 1200 baud. It is a standard to interface battery powered data recorders with micro-processor based sensors designed for environmental data acquisition (EDA).EDA is accomplished by means of a sensor, or sensors, and a data recorder which collects and saves the data. SDI-12 is a standard communications protocol which provides a means to transfer measurements taken by a sensor to a data recorder.

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Why Use SDI Pressure Sensors Anyway?

Generally SDI pressure sensors have several advantages.

Unique and complex self calibration algorithms can be done in microprocessor-based sensors.

Sensors can be interchanged without reprogramming the data recorder with calibration or other information.

They interface with a variety of data recorders.

Low power is consumed.

It can realize long-distance transmission.

When multiple sensors are used, all sensors are connected to a SDI-12 bus, so there is no complicated wiring.

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