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Sweet Differential Pressure Sensor in Air Conditioning Filter System

Aug 11 , 2023

Sweet differential pressure sensor, also known as air differential pressure sensor, is a key component of HVAC system to monitor the air filters.

The Importance of Sweet Differential Pressure Sensor

Before knowing how sweet differential pressure sensor works, we may know that the airflow decreases with time, which may indicate that the filter needs to be replaced or cleaned. If not replaced, the system may need to use more energy to restore the airflow to the required level, which will also cause additional abrasion to other components in the system. With the operation time of the air conditioner, dust adheres to the filter, affecting the air permeability of the filter, thereby the working efficiency of the air conditioner reduced.

Sweet Differential Pressure Sensor in Air Conditioning Filter System

How Sweet Differential Pressure Sensor Works

Therefore in order to ensure its operation, sweet differential pressure sensor can be used so the air pressure difference between the air conditioner inside and outside the filter can be real-time monitored.

How Sweet Differential Pressure Sensor Helps

By using an sweet differential pressure sensor, we can measure the pressure on both sides of the filter, so the building automation system can monitor the airflow at any time. The relative personnel can be reminded of the ventilation status and whether it needs maintenance.

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