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Wireless Sensors in Fire Water Tank Monitoring System

Aug 11 , 2023

Wireless water level sensors and wireless pressure sensors are important devices for monitoring fire water tanks in modern society. They provide continuously water level and water pipe pressure separately in the fire piping systems.

The solution is mainly composed of the data recorder, Wireless water level sensors and wireless pressure sensors, a cloud platform for remote monitoring. The pressure and liquid level sensor has its own transmission signal output, which can convert the measured value into an analog signal of 4~20Ma. The data recorder receives the signal and calculates the corresponding value, and transmits it to the computer software wirelessly. The software comes with the function of saving data and permanently saves it to the computer hard disk. The recorder itself also has the function of saving data and exporting it with U disk at any time. The data storage is reliable and safe on both sides.

The wireless water level sensor is a submersible probe that uses the principle that the hydrostatic pressure is proportional to the liquid height to measure the liquid level. It features the Europe imported core for precision detection, and temperature compensation and analog signal processing technology. And the probe can meet the requirements of lightning protection, moisture-proof, waterproof, explosion-proof, dust-proof and other harsh working conditions.

Wireless Sensors in Fire Water Tank Monitoring System

The wireless pressure sensor also has the almost same appearance. It is suitable for measuring the pressure of gases and liquids and can measure gauge pressure, absolute pressure and negative pressure. The sensor features high temperature stability, and can be in direct contact with most media.

The whole system provides a complete and remote monitoring solution for fire water tanks. So that the pressure and level condition of the water tanks can be known 7/24 in a remote way. Compared with the traditional manual inspection, this system is more accurate, cost-effective and efficient.

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