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How to Adjust and Control the Flow of Wastewater Flow Meters?

Aug 07, 2023

Wastewater flow meter refers to a device that can be used to monitor the flow of sewage. More and more water treatment companies and departments use this device in their systems to control and adjust the flow. A question is how we adjust and control the flow?

As we all know that a single wastewater flow meter actually cannot adjust and control the flow because it has no actuator, it is just a flow detector and monitor.

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We can automatically adjust and control the sewage flow through three components: wastewater flow meter, PID regulator and regulating valves. After we enter the flow value we want on the PID regulator, the real-time flow signal detected by the wastewater flow meters transmits to the PID regulator, and the PID regulator thus controls the on/off of the regulating valve to realize flow regulation. The three components form a closed-loop to achieve accurate regulation and control of sewage flow.

There are so many wastewater flow meters on the market for sewage monitoring, while magnetic flow meter is reported as one of the most common. With the development of electronics and IoT technologies, more and more advanced devices are adopted in the process control and various industries, realizing intelligent automatic monitoring and control.


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