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How to Install Roots Flow Meter for Flow Monitoring

June 10, 2022

Roots flow meter is a new type of flow meter in recent years. It features high accuracy with economical price. There are some installation tips.

Installation and use of roots flow meter:

1. A filter can be installed in the front part of the roots flow meter, and the arrow direction on the body should be inconsitant with that of the flow;

2. When the measured liquid contains gas, a gas separator should be installed in the front part;

3. No matter the pipeline is installed vertically or horizontally, the wheel shaft of the flow meter is installed horizontallyion;

4. The throttle valve should be installed at the inlet of the flow meter, and the opening and closing valve should be installed at the outlet and be started slowly;

5. Before installation, the pipeline needs to be flushed, and prevent welding slag and debris from entering the flowmeter.

6. It is strictly forbidden to use water to calibrate the flow meter composed of cast iron and cast steel.

7.The flow rate of the flowmeter shall not exceed the technical requirements when in use.

8. If the liquid to be measured is chemically corrosive, a roots flow meter made of stainless steel should be used. If it is highly corrosive, a flow meter made of 0Crl8Ni12MO2Ti should be used.

Holykell roots flow meter

Correct installation and use of roots flow meter is important for the measurement effect and shelf life. Contact Holykell for more professional technical documents and instructions.