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Magnetostrictive fuel level probe used for oil dept level monitoring

Aug 07, 2023

The most common practice is to use a magnetostrictive fuel level probe to monitor oil tank level. Because for the crude oil station, the storage and transportation of crude oil not only have great requirements for the storage tank, but also a huge test for the sensor. For gas stations, the storage safety of refined oil is related to the safety of everyone’s life.

I’m sure a lot of people here are impressed with the magnetostrictive fuel level probe. It’s research and development not only solves the problem of level monitoring of large oil tank, but also gradually replaces the traditional level sensor and becomes an indispensable part of the level measurement tool. Since it has such great value in the measurement industry, how can it fundamentally provide an effective solution for fuel level monitoring?

Working principle of magnetostrictive fuel level probe

The magnetostrictive fuel level probe USES the principle of guided waves. So-called guided wave theory is outside the sheath maerial of sensor with a float, the float along the rod can move up and down along with the change of liquid level, when the impulse current magnetic field when they met with float copper produced by the magnetic field, the magnetic field around the float is changed so as to make the wire made of magnetostrictive materials waveguide in float position to produce a torsion wave pulse, by measuring the pulse electric current and time lag of the torsion wave can accurately calculate the distance of the liquid level. Since the entire working process is in a fully enclosed stainless steel tube, it does not need to be in direct contact with the medium, so we call it “non-contact fuel level probe”.

Advantages of magnetostrictive fuel level probe

Most people should have heard about the advantages of magnetostrictive fuel level probe. Although sensors have many high-tech benefits, they are more expensive than traditional level sensors. However, from another perspective, whether a radar level sensor and an ultrasonic level sensor can fundamentally solve the problem of oil tank measurement, its stability and high precision can provide a more effective solution for oil depot level monitoring.


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