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Tank Level Sensor for Fuel & Septic Measurement

Aug 07, 2023

Customer’s Inquiry We recently received an inquiry from a customer in Canada who is looking for submersible level sensors for liquid, fuel and septic measurement.

They provide specific requirements for their application:

1) Power supply 5V

2) Reading Analog (Voltage) (3 wires radio metric)

3) 0.1 to 50bar pressure range for water

They would like able to do measuring small and big liquid tanks starting from approx. 15cm up to 30meters (dependence of type of tank).

The customer is an IoT Solution provider and has different applications for measuring fuel(gas, diesel), oil, any another liquids (like water, liquid fertilizers and etc), and septic if it possible. They have huge plans for monitoring liquids , and would like to try sensors few from different suppliers and choose the best one.

Oil Tank Level Sensor for Fuel Measurement

Product Recommending

For this application, we recommend our HPT604 to measure fuel, oil and water; and HPT611 to measure septic since different products work best in different applications.

Product Features HPT604 Submersible Oil Tank Sensor HPT604 Water Tank Sensor is a submersible level probe designed for accurate liquid level measurement in tanks. It ensures efficient management of liquids. Its submersible IP68 design allows it to be submerged in liquids without compromising accuracy or functionality. Its accuracy is better than 0.25%F.S. And HPT604 sensor is highly resistant to corrosion, making it suitable for harsh environments.


Oil Tank Level Sensor for Fuel Measurement


Featuring a compact size and easy installation, this sensor is compatible with a range of tank applications, including water treatment plants, reservoirs, and various industrial tanks. With Holykell’s HPT604, you can achieve accurate level measurements for effective control and management.

HPT611 Submersible Anti-clogging Slurry Level Sensor

HPT611 is a submersible level sensor specifically designed to address the challenges of measuring sewage, slurry and other viscous media. This sensor offers exceptional performance in environments where clogging is a common issue.


Slurry Level Sensor for Septic Measurement


Equipped with advanced anti-clogging technology, HPT611 ensures accurate and reliable measurements even in highly viscous and abrasive slurry conditions, accuracy up to 0.25%F.S. Its submersible design and excellent resistance to corrosion, and harsh chemicals, allow it to be immersed directly into the slurry without compromising its functionality.

All the two level sensor types are compatible with our customer’s own systems.

Customer’s Feedback

After receiving these sensors, they immediately started testing them. After 10 days, they sent us emails confirming all the sensors have kept working fine in the tanks.

We are very pleased with Holykell!” All the sensors sent measure accurate as per designed. They finally chose our sensors for their plan after comparing with other brands.

Company Brief

Introduction Holykell, founded in 2001, is a high-tech enterprise and main products include industrial measuring instruments, such as pressure level, temperature & wireless sensors, flow meters and one-stop solutions.

We have more than 20 years experience, and have exported our products to 175 countries and have offered over 30,000 solutions. We have obtained 18 quality certifications, CE, ATEX, FCC, ROHS, SGS,TUV, ISO9001, ISO45001, ISO14001, and over 20 patents…

Benefits for Industries

We offer different measuring instruments to the industry. And our products help increase efficiency, reduce costs, enhance safety, enable accurate data collection, and optimize overall operations.Refer to Industrial Applications to see How our customers Use and benefit from Holykell Sensors in their industries.

Customization and Integration

We have our own R&D center that can support you to customize your measuring instruments to specific industry requirements. Our R&D team has over 5 years experience on customization is always available to assist you in the most complete solutions. And our products can integrate into existing systems, providing seamless compatibility and ease of use.

Quality Assurance

We emphasize commitment to quality assurance. All the products manufactured comply with international standards, testing procedures and certifications obtained. You are assured that Holykell is committed to providing reliable and accurate instruments. Meanwhile, we have satisfactory after-sales support service, including technical support, warranty and prompt customer service. We are aiming to building long-term relationships with our customers.

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