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What Are Radar Tank Level Sensors Used For?

Aug 07, 2023

Most people think that radar tank level sensor is the best solution for tank level measurement. But there are a few people who think that it is not obvious that it is cost-effective, and it is not the best choice in terms of both price and maintenance costs. In their opinion, the liquid level measurement of industrial tank should not only test the stability of a sensor, but also be more important for operation, practicality and economy. Although the quantity we need is not large, what we want to get is the ideal effect.

As you guys know, the radar tank level sensor is not the only sensor to measure fuel tank level, but it is the best oil tank level sensor. It is well known that the size and static state of the tank is a major challenge to the sensor., for example, the original is a tool for storage oil tank, oil at the time of acquisition and refining, it’s state is divided into dynamic and static state, if you are using large mixing tank with submerisble fuel level sensor is unable to complete the measurement, in addittion, the ultrasonic fuel level sensor in the measurement of specific environment is needed to use (no dust, no bubble or noise), and radar tank level sensor is not affected by environment and jar size, we only need to install his position in the top of the tank, through the sensor’s own display instrument to observe the oil level changes. Therefore, my suggestion is that the tank level sensor should be avoided in the environment of large range, which will affect the accuracy of measurement.

From the analysis of actual conditions, although radar tank level sensor is not the only method for oil tank measurement, it is the best method for industrial tank measurement.



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