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ZigBee Wireless Pressure Sensors Used for Oil Well Pressure Monitoring

Aug 07, 2023

Monitoring wellhead pressure remotely is not as complicated as you think. ZigBee wireless pressure sensors are currently the best choice. Although most people are advocating the use of GPRS, NB-IoT and wifi. I don’t mean to deny the advantages of these methods. ZiBee signals are the most appropriate for wellhead pressure monitoring.

Using ZigBee wireless pressure sensor to monitor the wellhead pressure of the oil field has the following points: first, the location of the oil field collection point is generally in the remote mountainous area. Under normal circumstances, the GPRS signal in the mountainous area is weak, while NB-IoT can only be used based on the telecom base station, and the coverage use of the telecom base station is limited by environmental conditions. The zigbee wireless pressure sensor developed by Holykell is a kind of wireless sensor with close range, low power consumption and low cost. It won’t be able to monitor pressure over long distances, but its unique battery technology and up to five years of battery life make it a lot easier. As we all know, wifi and bluetooth wireless communication are very expensive. If you have multiple monitoring points or large sites to monitor remotely, low cost and high efficiency is our best choice.

The substantive purpose of ZigBee wireless pressure sensors for well pressure monitoring is to monitor and manage the pressure at the wellhead in real time, which not only improves the management efficiency of the oilfield, but also reduces the management cost.


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