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Radar Level Transmitter for Chemical Manufacturing

Aug 07, 2023

Chlorosilane is a kind of chemical compound that is used in many chemical processes. It is a flammable and corrosive liquid that is on the hazardous substance list.

While Chlorosilane is important raw material and intermediate in the production of silicones, radar level transmitter is a good level monitoring and controlling device that can be used in the manufacturing processes.

Why Radar Level Transmitters Used?

A normal level sensor is not capable of this application considering the corrosion of chemicals and manufacturing process, and a radar level transmitter is a better choice. First, it adopts a non contacting measurement which eliminates the corrosion and cleaning difficulty concern. Secondly, it can work at high temperature. Note that the reaction of part of mixtures is conducted at about 250℃.

Radar water level transmitter for chemical manufacturing

Thirdly, accuracy. Radar level sensors have high precision that meets the demands of customers. Besides, since the working environment is flammable, explosion-proof performance is a must. A radar level transmitter that owns a competent certificate is necessary.


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