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Wireless Pressure Sensors are Used for Gas Pipeline

Aug 07, 2023

The research and development of wireless pressure sensor provides an effective solution for pressure monitoring of gas pipeline. However, some countries have not paid much attention to the importance of pipeline pressure monitoring up to now. In their eyes, the pipeline transportation technology, material and cost of natural gas have been improved and controlled, and the complexity of pressure gauges means there will be no danger to a certain extent. But the truth is not what they think.

If wireless pressure sensors are not as important in industrial measurement, then the purpose of development is not targeted. Real-time and remote monitoring cannot be achieved by relying only on the pressure gauge and manually operated methods. As is known to all, natural gas is inflammable and explosive gas. Although the material of transportation pipeline can guarantee that natural gas will not leak, the transportation pipeline exposed all the year around is susceptible to different weather, resulting in inconsistent pressure difference between internal and external pressure, leading to gas leakage in transportation pipeline. Professionally, wireless pressure sensors can be used for pressure monitoring in gas collection, delivery and distribution pipelines. Only by knowing the pressure condition of three pipelines in real time can economic loss be reduced, and remote monitoring can ensure personal safety.

The development of natural gas will be gradually improved with the development of life. Wireless pressure sensor is an important sensor to indirectly guarantee life supply, and also an indispensable wireless sensor.


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