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Holykell Ultrasonic Level Sensor Used in Diesel Tanks in Indonesia

August 12, 2022

One of our customers from Indonesia, Mr.Mansur sent us some pictures after initial use of our ultrasonic level sensor. As an engineer in the company, he says:

"Your ultrasonic level sensors are working fine in the diesel tanks. The values are accurate." What he purchased is our UE3005. This item adopts an non-contact measurement, clean without maintenance concern. It features an OLED display, which enables local value reading. The most attractive highlight to him is the quite small blind zone, less than 150mm, which surpasses other similar products on the market. Thus, UE3005 can be used in small tanks but provides high accuracy.

Holykell small range level transmistter

As these ultrasonic level senors are used outdoors, and there are plenty of sunny and rainy days, so he decides to make an plastic cover over them to better protect them and extend the service life in the next step. This is a good idea. Now these items have been working great beyond the tanks for more than 2 months. The values keep precise without much errors.