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How to Solve Common Problems with Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Apr 18 , 2024

With the advancing development of industrial automation, the role of ultrasonic flow meters in process control is becoming increasingly critical. However, encountering faults can disrupt production efficiency and process stability. The ability to solve them promptly becomes a basic skill.

We outline several common issues and solutions for handling them effectively, for example, ultrasonic flowmeter measurements are inaccurate, the measurement readings are not precise, and there is significant error; the readings are unstable and fluctuate drastically when the control valve is partially closed or flow is reduced, the reading increases or the flowmeter had been working fine but suddenly it stops measuring flow.

Sometimes, these problems are not resulted from the flowmeter itself, improper installation, inaccurate wiring, wrong setting, environment changes, or interference can be the causes.

How to Solve Common Problems with Ultrasonic Flowmeters

We list the most common 12 problems our customers frequently asked during using ultrasonic flow meters and you can download the detail troubleshooting documentations here.

For other problems you met, you can send us to and our professional engineers will answer them ASAP.

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