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Wireless Level Monitoring & Alarm Solution

May 24 , 2024

Holykell offers various wireless level monitoring solutions. Here is the solution we made for our customer from U.S.A.

Devices Required
●UE3003 Ultrasonic Level Sensor (other level types or level models are compatible)
●H5100 Digital Display (other displays are compatible)
●HK302 RTU wireless module(other types of wireless modules are compatible))
●Alarm light
●Cloud platform PC(supported customer’s own platform)
●Mobile APP

Solution Features
●Remote real-time monitoring of levels via a mobile App or web anytime and anywhere
●Customizable alarms for specific levels via alarm lights, SMS, email, or App notifications
●Historical data storage & export for one year
●Simple installation with other devices easily added or relocated as needed
●Compatibility with existing instrumentation and systems

Why We Need This Solution?
Compared with traditional manual level monitoring method, wireless level monitoring solutions are increasingly becoming essential in various industries due to their numerous advantages over traditional wired systems. Here are several reasons why wireless level monitoring solutions are needed:

1. Ease of Installation and Deployment
Sensors can be easily relocated as needs change, providing flexibility in dynamic environments.

2. Cost Efficiency
Wireless systems typically require less maintenance and labor.

3. Remote Monitoring and Accessibility
Wireless systems provide real-time data access from anywhere, enabling prompt decision-making.

4. Scalability
Additional sensors can be added to the network without significant infrastructure changes, allowing for easy scalability as needs grow.

5. Environmental and Situational Challenges
Wireless monitoring systems are suitable for hard-to-reach or hazardous areas where on site level would be impractical or dangerous.

Why Choose Holykell?
●We have our own factory and the quality, delivery of our products are under our control.
●We prioritize customers’ need and can customize products according to your demands so as to set you apart among competitors and make you more competitive.
●We have provided 30000+ solutions for users from all over the world, and our engineers are especially familiar with water treatment, oil &gas projects. We can provide professional technical instruction and suggestions.

Unlock more wireless monitoring solutions contact Holykell team.

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