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01Non-full round pipe, rectangular pipe or other special-shaped pipes can be measured
02OLED display, with white/green/yellow digits optional
03Module battery with longer working time
0410 digits for accumulated flow display
05Forward and reverse two-way flow measurement
06GSM and GPRS wireless data remote transmission function(optional)

Holykell non full tube electromagnetic flow meter


Technical Data


DN200-DN6000mm,rectangular pipe: width ≤6m

Measurement accuracy

water level ±2mm; flow rate ±1.0%; flow rate ±1.5%

Measurement range

flow rate 0.05-10m/s


4-20mA/DC, Pulse output, RS232/RS485 Modbus RTU...

Wireless data transmission

GSM and GPRS optional

Power supply

220VAC or 12VDC, 24VDC

Medium temperature

≤60 ℃


Large screen OLED display can display instantaneous flow rate, flow rate, cumulative flow rate, liquid level and other measurement data at the same time

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