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4811 Wireless Magnetic Flow Meter

Wireless magnetic flow meter is a water level flow meter that uses a high-performance lithium battery power supply system and wireless transmission technology. It can be mainly used for direct drinking water supply systems, beverage processing plants, sewage discharge and waste water control applications.

Application :

●Direct drinking water supply system

●Sewage discharge control

●Wastewater purification

●Level control of fire water pipeline

●Agricultural irrigationt

01Powered by a lithium battery with intelligent power saving technology, the battery life can be up to 3 years.
02Specially designed sensor magnetic system is adopted, the measurement is more stable, and the anti-interference ability is stronger.
03Automatic two-way flow measurement, forward and reverse cumulative flow display, self-diagnosis fault alarm.
04Wireless remote transmission of flow data, real-time monitoring of water volume.

Technical Data



Applicable measurement path


Wireless network mode

GPRS/4G/NB-ioT/Lora optional

Communication mode

RS485 (modbus protocol),GPRS, CDMA

Flow Measurement range

0---15 m /sec

 Matching precision level


Measuring parameters

Instantaneous flow rate, instantaneous velocity

Protection grade


Working temperature


Working environment humidity


Detection alarm parameters

Fluid air tube detection alarm, excitation current detection alarm

Record parameters

Total traffic accumulation

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