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HR2000 80GHz High Accuracy Radar Level Sensor

The HR2000 is a 80GHz mmWave radar level sensor. Its advanced radar technology and user-friendly PC interface ensure precise measurements, high sensitivity, and seamless integration. This non-contact sensor offers contamination-free, low-maintenance level monitoring solutions. Its compatibility with control systems allows for effortless integration into industrial processes, enabling remote monitoring and control, ideal for various industrial applications.


●Water & Sewage treatment

●Oil & gas industry

●Hydrological monitoring

●Pharmaceutical industry

●Food and beverage manufacturing

●Chemical industry

●Process control

01±2mm/5mm/10mm accuracy with a wide detection range
02Advanced radar technology, unaffected by condensation, rain, vapor, corrosion, dielectric constants...
03Easily connects to host computers & tank-side meters with dedicated software
04A wide power supply range and minimized power consumption
05A top-mounted bubble level design for straightforward setup
06On-site calibration not required

80ghz radar level sensor

Technical Data

Working pressure


Measuring range


Measurement accuracy

Distance measuring accuracy: ±10mm(typical),


Scanning frequency


Signal output



4-20mA+RS485 MODBUS RTU optional

Power Supply

12-30Vdc(Typical type)

3.3-4.2Vdc(Low voltage & low power consumption type)

Working temperature


Protection class

IP67/IP68(3 bar) optional

Material of wet parts

PVDF(Anti-corrosion type)

Material of housing

PA6 nylon + Fiberglass

radar level sensor

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