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HR1200 60GHz Millimeter Wave Radar Level Sensor

HR1200 is a 60GHz millimeter wave radar level sensor. By adopting non-contact measurement, it is clean without much maintenance concern and is quite easy to install thanks to the bubble spirit level design. It features strong anti-interference ability and high accuracy, up to ±2mm and can detect small targets.


●Water treatment

●Water tank measurement

●Petrochemical storage tanks

●Pharmaceutical industry

●Food and beverage manufacturing

●Refining process vessels

●Hydroelectric power generation & dams

01Compact size and easy installation
02Non-contact measurement adopted, without cleaning difficulty
03Receiving little impact by corrosion, foam, vapor,temperature & pressure changes
04Standard RS485 MODBUS protocol supported
05Connection of host computer setting software, tankside meter and others
06Wide power supply range with minimized power consumption

60GHz Millimeter Wave Radar Level Sensor

Technical Data

Measuring range

0.2-12m for water

0.2-8m for diesel

0.2-6m for gasoline

Measurement accuracy


FOV angle

Center frequency


Communication rate

Default 115200bit/s, 9600/19200/38400 free change

Communication Mode


Power Supply

12Vdc recommended (9-24Vdc available)

Operational temperature


Power consumption

Minimum power:0.2W(8V*16.847mA)

Maximum power:0.45W(12*36.168mA)

Protection class


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