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How to Select a Diffused Silicon Pressure Sensor

Aug 11 , 2023

Generally pressure sensor is divided into five main types, and piezoresistive pressure sensor is the most common type in current industrial measurement. There are also different types of piezoresistive pressure sensors, such as ceramic piezoresistive type, diffused silicon type, sputter thin film type, and strain type. Among them, diffused silicon pressure sensor is one of the most popular for pressure and level monitoring.

Customers often ask us what to noted when selecting a diffused silicon pressure sensor, today we will have a simple discussion.

How to Select a Diffused Silicon Pressure Sensor

1. Determination of the pressure types

WE should first know what kind of pressure is to be measured, gauge pressure, differential pressure, absolute or negative pressure? It depends on the specific application and demands.

2. Determination of product range

Considering the absolute safety of the product, in general, it is appropriate to control the working pressure value within 60%-80% of the standard range. The overload pressure caused by possible abnormal conditions of the entire measurement system should not exceed the maximum overload allowed by the product.

3. Accurate product selection

Products vary according to several parameters. For example, accuracy, which determines the cost. If high accuracy is not required, then we can choose a product with lower grade of accuracy. If the measurement is related to trade, which accuracy is quite important, then we can choose the accuracy of a higher grade.

4. Determination of the operating temperature range

The operating temperature should not exceed the allowable temperature of the sensor. And if users have a wider temperature range and high overall accuracy requirements, they may consider the sensors with temperature compensation integrated after the circuit is assembled.

5. The medium to be measured, signal outputs, power supply should be also advised since sometimes diffused silicon pressure sensor may not suit your application.

Actually, the quality of different diffused silicon pressure sensors may vary according to different manufacturing processes, material used, manufacturers and so on. The measurement effect and product lifespan is also related to factors, such as correct product selection, use, maintained and so on. You can always trust Holykell engineers who will recommend you the most suitable product and instruct you how to use, install and maintain your sensors.

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